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Brief Introduction to Mount Kailash

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Brief Introduction to Mount Kailash
Standing in the heart of six mountains ranges which symbolize a holy and pure lotus, Mount Kailash is a pillar of the world. It stretches its round colorful crown to kiss the heaven and extents its body to the border in China, India and Nepal. With an altitude of 6,656 meters at the summit, Mount Kailash is not the highest mountain, but it shines for its year-round snow-covered peak. There is an unbelievably symmetric structure which makes Mount Kailash quite distinctive from other mountains. Looking from the south side of the mountain, you can see its holy mark – the combination of a hug ice trough and a horizontal stratum – a pattern of “卍” (Swastika) which is the mark of Buddhism spiritual strength and signifies Buddhist doctrine lasting forever.

Religious Significance of Mount Kailash

Being the holy land of four influential religions, Mount Kailash is honored as the Sukhavati (meaning Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss) and the Holy Center of the World. It is said that as more as eighty million sages were born and spread religious knowledges here.

In Buddhism, Mount Kailash is the home to Demchok (Buddha’s warrior attendant), representing supreme bliss. There are also numerous sites in the region associated with Padmasambhava, the practices of who in holy sites around Tibet are credited with finally establishing. In addition, Kailash Mountain is also the birthplace of Yongzhong Bon which is a religion native to Tibet, believing in that the entire mystical region and Swastika Mountain is the seat of all spiritual power. Since Sengge Zangbo River, the upstream of Indus River, originates here, Mt. Kailash is the resident of God Siva according to Hinduism. The Jains believe Kailash was the place where their lord Rishaba obtained liberation.

 Beautiful Natural Scenery in Mount Kailash
Breathing the most rarefied air in the most azure sky, and certainly you can also savor the most spectacular landscape. Towering Kailash Mount always make people feel awestruck at the first sight. The transparent glaciers hanging on the soaring mountain present various colors in different seasons. Many rivers like the Ganges River, Indus, Yarlung Zangbo River etc. originates from Mount Kailash, and the melt snow disembogues into sacred Lake Manasarovar. As a result, enough streams in Mount Kailash flowing to the distance just like a devout pilgrim adds some tender feeling to this magnificent mountain. As the sun rises and shines on the crystal surface, Kailash became more touching in a golden pyramid shape. In conclusion, a picture made by splendid snow-mountain, amazing glacier and comely prairie together with the symphony of bubbling stream and rolling stones will give you a great pleasure.


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