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Understanding Buddhism 
Buddhism has been introduced to China for more than 1990 years. What is “Buddhism”?  Buddhism means the cultivation of Buddha, referring to the truths and principles of lives & society, and its ultimate objective is to return to the nature, encouraging cultivation, goodness, harmony, self-discipline as well as the code of ethics. Rooted into traditional Chinese culture, it has been nourished and integrated into Chinese culture to record and enlighten our past, our present, and our future. It combines teaching, cultivation and wisdom to educate inner hearts, to praise the goodness, and to punish the devil. It also encourages uprightness and healthy atmosphere to establish harmonious society following pluralistic development of traditional Chinese culture.
Culture Development
Culture is a durable product on the earth. Human being conveys its brilliance through its culture respectively.  It has delivered core know-how of human being to cope with future challenges, and its core value is to respect the history and diversity innovations. It is also a key factor for culture to protect and inherit its diversity.
Thanks to the featured Chinese socialism, CPC and the government praise and inherit the main theme of traditional Chinese culture, and encourage cultural diversity, which shows the inclusiveness of traditional Chinese culture, to meet the appeals of all the human beings
Convey Loves, Praise Contributions
Profiting the showcasing platform, it will fully display the Buddhist culture and Buddhist items & crafts in order to excavate multicultural essence. Injecting into new elements, the expo will assist traditional Chinese culture in self achievement, self development and self exceeding. It will provide a chance for the public to know Buddhism and Buddhist crafts and arts, and will allow the public to better feel the “random acts of kindness” to engage into social construction, benefiting the society at the same time. Besides, it will attract more people to share Buddhist thoughts and happiness to build a harmonious society
As the saying of “The vastness of the universe, the brilliant of shinning Stars” delivered by Chinese president Xi Jinping, living on the same planet, more than 7 billion people are eager for mutual help and development to pull together in times of trouble
If each human being contributes a little bit love, even just a smile, or a polite word, all Compassion and could Convey Loves. Compassion could generate from every one’s hearts simultaneously. It just likes spreading the compassionate seeds among the heart of every one.
“Every form of evil cannot be done, and every form of goodness can be done” could purify our thoughts and deeds, and finally it could achieve Buddhism definitely .
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