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Mount Jiuhua in Anhui - Buddhist Misterioso of Lotus Flowers

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Mount Jiuhua, a National Cultural and Natural Heritage and Geopark, is known as the shrine Ksitigarbha Buddha (地藏菩萨)once practiced Buddhism and one of the four most sacred Buddhist mountains in China. Initially named Mount Jiuzi, later it was renamed into Mount Jiuhua according to a poem by great poet Libai during Tang Dynasty - nimbus is divided to two kinds, sacred mountain generates nine glories to praise the beauty of Mount Jiuhua.

The first religion developed in Mount Jiuhua was Chinese Taoism. Buddhism didn’t get initial sowing after introduced from India in Han Dynasty for the geographical isolation and politic factors. Until middle & late Tang Dynasty, Buddhism was gradually accepted and spread in Mount Jiuhua along with construction of more Buddhist temples.

Exploration of precious Buddhist statues, scriptures and antiques in the following temples among all the extant 78 sites gives you fully understanding of Buddhist culture in Mount Jiuhua, including the Huacheng Temple (化城寺 - ashram of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva & ancestral temple of longest history), Tiantai Temple (天台寺 - the highest temple of Mount Jiuhua on summit of Tiantai Peak), Longevity Palace (百岁宫 – the only temple worships five hundred sitting statues of Rohan in China), Incarnation Grand Hall (肉身宝殿 - site reserves body of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva),Zhiyuan Temple (祗园寺 - the only palatial temple) . Moreover, outstanding natural scenery viewed from main peaks such as Shiwang Peak (十王峰- the highest peak lying 1342 above sea level) offer additional leisure for your trip on Mount Jiuhua.


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