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Pu Tuo Shan - Buddhist Mountain of the East

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Putuo Shan, the Buddhist sacred mountain of the east, is actually a mountainous island south of Shanghai and east of Ningbo. It is the home of the most popular Bodhisattva of China - Guan Yin (Kuan Yin). The Bodhisattva of compassion, she who hears the cries of the suffering, is the queen of Putuo Shan, in Sanskrit she is known as Avalokitesvara. Here she rules supreme from the 100 foot tall statue of Guan Yin of the South Sea to a diminutive figure of her a small cave grotto, all of Putuo Shan is devoted to her. Since Putuo Shan is an island separated from the rest of China it has not seen the industrial development that characterizes the rest of China. It is still a rugged, forested island with little development and broad sandy beaches. The park-like atmosphere and numerous Buddhist temples give the island a peacefulness that can't be found on the mainland of China. Most activity on the island centers around the 1000 year old Pu Ji Si (Temple of Universal Salvation) and the beautiful Hai Yin Pond that fronts the temple. From this central location most of the temples, scenic overlooks, and grottoes are an easy hike. The latest addition to Pu Tuo Shan's collection of temples is the new Nan Hai Guan Yin (South Sea Guan Yin) with its giant statue of Guan Yin, exquisite stone carvings, Buddhist art, and museum-like murals depicting the Guan Yin story. The islands many Chinese Buddhist temples, quite atmosphere and selection of seafood dishes make it and ideal place to recuperate from the strains of travel in China. One of the best places to see the Buddhist temples of China. Please view my collection of stock photos of China, Chinese temples, and Buddhist art below.
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