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Experts pooling wisdom to build a 5A scenic spot in Baotou

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 delegation of experts paid a visit to Wudangzhao Temple in the city of Baotou, Inner Mongolia recently to discuss ways to turn the temple into a national 5A scenic spot, reports Baotou Daily on March 14.

The temple is on Jihuluntu Mountain, 54 kilometers from Baotou, and is already a key national relic protection site and 4A scenic spot. It gets its name from Wudang Gully where it was built and is one of the major Tibetan Buddhist temples, along with the Potala in Tibet, and Ta'er (also Kumbum) Monastery, in Qinghai province.

During the visit, the experts - from Inner Mongolia's Tourist Administration, Beijing's Jiaotong University, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Union University, Inner Mongolia University and Inner Mongolia Normal University - were able to analyze the cultural significance and status and the tourism potential of Wudangzhao and said they believe it has unique advantages.

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